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Pickleball Court Builders in Avalon, NJ


Custom Appearance

We offer over 18 color options for the court, the border, and the non-volley zone.


Residential & Commercial

We install custom pickleball courts for both residential and commercial properties in Avalon.


Professional Installations

Each pickleball court installation in Avalon, NJ, is completed by experienced local asphalt pavers.

Avalon, NJ Pickleball Court Construction Services

Asphalt Pickleball Court Paving Services in Avalon, NJ

If you are considering building a pickleball court in Avalon, NJ, it is important to find the right contractors for the job. All Sport Surfaces has a track record of success, installing beautiful and durable pickleball courts throughout the area. Our local asphalt pavers construct each pickleball court in accordance with sport regulation, ensuring its dimensions suit both professional and leisurely play. Whether you are looking to build a pickleball court for your home, a public park, or a commercial property, we can tailor your installation to accommodate your needs. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation with our pickleball court builders in Avalon, NJ.

Custom Pickleball Court Installations in Avalon, NJ

Pickleball Court Resurfacing Services in Avalon, NJ

Over years of use, your pickleball court may begin to show signs of wear. It is generally recommended to resurface asphalt courts every five years to maintain its condition. We provide asphalt resurfacing services for pickleball courts in Avalon, NJ. We carefully remove the top layer of asphalt, replacing it with a smooth new finish. Small cracks and uneven surfaces can be disruptive to your games. Don’t wait until further issues arise, contact All Sport Surfaces today to request a quote on a pickleball court resurface in the Avalon area.

Avalon, NJ Pickleball Court Resurfacing Services
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