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Pickleball, Tennis & Basketball Court Installation in Annapolis, MD

Asphalt Paving Group is Proud to be a premium Sports Court Installation Service.


Fast Installation

We strive to provide a quick and convenient installation for local sport courts. You can count on us to get the job done on-time.


Experienced Professionals

The team at All Sport Surfaces has years of experience constructing all kinds of Sports Courts throughout Annapolis.


Premium Quality

We use the highest quality materials to construct durable and comfortable sport surfaces in Annapolis, MD.

Annapolis, MD Sport Court Pavers

Annapolis, MD SportMaster Surface Pavers

All Sport Surfaces provides professional asphalt paving for basketball, pickleball, and tennis courts in Annapolis, MD. Our certified pavers offer a wide variety of customization options for sport surfaces, allowing you to choose the size and colors of your court. Additionally, our Annapolis sport court pavers can resurface any existing court that has become damaged over time. We guarantee a visually stunning and durable installation. Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our local SportMaster installation experts.

Cushioned Sport Surface in Annapolis, MD

CushionMaster Court Installation in Annapolis, MD

Comfort is an important consideration when building a court. With our court installation services in Annapolis, MD, we use a CushionMaster acrylic coating to absorb shock and improve player experience. Cushioning is most commonly used for tennis and pickleball courts. Our asphalt pavers are committed to providing local customers with high quality, long-lasting court surfaces that meet their specific needs. Get in touch with All Sport Surfaces to request a quote on a court installation in Annapolis, MD.


Tennis, Pickleball, and Basketball Court Installation in Annapolis, MD
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